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I have no or limited designing skills, Can I join?

Yup! Check our ElDesigner all you need is creativity to create great designs without any need for software skills 😉

Will I have to print and deliver my designs?

No! ElPrinter is responsible for marketing, printing, packaging and delivering your designs to the customers. Peace of mind 😀 

What type of designs are accepted?

We don’t limit your creativity, anything comes to your mind which can be sold are welcomed at ElPrinter.

What is the benfits of joining ElPrinter as a Designer?

Being a designer at ElPrinter unlocks many benefits for you like:

  • Zero-cost business (sell instantly your designs without paying a single pound)
  • Designers Community (Get Instant Help)
  • Lifetime commissions (as long as your designs up and published you will receive your commission)
  • Jobs (Offered from our partners and/or customers)
  • Your own working hours, own ideas and own mind.
What is my commission?

Every design will have a fixed rate in EGP per sale. For T-Shirts, you will receive from one of (9-19-29-39) EGP per successful sale. 

How is my commission is calculated?

We rate your design according to it’s chance of being sold and your previous sale count. Trendy designs may get higher ratings.

Can I sell my designs elsewhere?

Definitely YES!, ElPrinter doesn’t require the designs to be exclusive. 

Which software should I use for designing?

You can use any software as long as you can provide us a clear PNG or SVG file. Even more, you can our ElDesigner to design your T-Shirts easily.

Is ElPrinter Trustworthy?

ElPrinter is a part of Condize. Condize is up and operating from 2013 providing quality service to all its customer. As a designer you will get an access to a dashboard where you can view all your sales instantly and you can submit withdraw request automatically from the dashboard. You are in a good company 🙂

How can I receive my money?

Mobile wallets, PayPal, Payoneer and Local Bank transfer. Need a special payout method? Contact us and we are more than happy to assist you 🙂 

Will I get own store page?

Yup! you will have own your store page with unique link to show off your designs, bio and social profiles.

What makes ElPrinter my best option?

In the Local market, we are the only website providing this service. Maybe you will find some pages claiming that they have the same functionality, but they don’t provide a transparent designer dashboard to view your sales and earning instantly!

In the International market, please refer to this article to know that we are the best 🙂 Click here

What is the support options available?

You can contact ElPrinter Support through:

  1. Chat button at the bottom of the website. 
  2. Support Center
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Designer’s Facebook Group
  5. Email us at [email protected]


Join ElPrinter and start selling your designs!